Sunday, September 19, 2010

...concern should drive us into action and not into depression. -- Karen Horney

The role of victim is all too familiar to many of us. Life did us injustices - we thought, and we passively waited for circumstances to change. With the bottle we waited, or maybe the little white pills. Nothing was ever our fault. That we were willing participants to victimization is an awareness not easily accepted, but true nonetheless.

Victims no more, we are into action now - and since committing ourselves to this new course of action, we have readily available a willing and very able Director for our role in life. Every event that comes our way, invites an action, and we have opted for the responsible way of life.

Depression may be on the fringes of our consciousness today. But it will need not become our state of mind. The antidote is and always will be action, responsible action. Every concern, every experience wants our attention, our new active attention.

Today stretches before me, an unknown quantity.
Concerns will crowd me, but guidance regarding the best action to take is always
available to me.
(Each Day a New Beginning)

Somtimes, I want to act, just for the sake of acting. The passage does not encourage acting just to act, it mentions responsible action... How very foreign to me, "responsible action". I have lived my life as a reactionary, and my "re-actions" most times, do not rise out of calm and rational thinking or guidance. Many times I act just to "do something" or to act, for lack of knowing what I should do. This writing has reminded me that I was and I still am, a willing participant in the insanity and chaos around me, but today I have choices. I can choose another way - I can refuse to play the victim. There are many path's I can choose, strenth, hope and love will lead m down the path less traveled. Knowing that I have a choice, gives me hope for progress and a better life. The rewards will be great. :-)

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